What you are about to read is a collection of commentaries, journal entries, and observations written while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bangladesh. One of the goals of the Peace Corps is to increase Americans' understanding of the people served. This website is one way that I am trying to fulfill this goal. It is an unedited, honest, and unabridged account of my experience in Bangladesh through my eyes. That said, please realize that anything written here should be taken with a grain of salt. They are the observations of only one person who has never traveled to a foreign country before.

These entries began as a single page that I added to when I had the time. Originally I wrote these updates because I found that I was writting about the same experiences over and over again to different friends. Since computer time is rather expensive in Bangladesh, I decided I would only write my basic experiences once for everyone to read and personal things in email. I have since decided to open up these entries to anyone that cares to read them in order to fulfill the "third goal" of Peace Corps mentioned above.

Basically these entries are chronological, but the format is not. There are references to server problems, a first entry, and exceeding the page length on the server. The text has remained the same, but the pages were reformatted, and paper journal entries were later added to fill in some of the gaps both before and during my adventure. Perhaps leaving it this way will help convey some of the uniqueness about Bangladesh - it's hard to plan things in a step by step fashion because there are always interuptions and invitations to drink tea when you have other obligations.

So here it is. I hope you enjoy the ride. Please tell me what you think of this site. My email address is

Poren na!

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