Greetings once again from Thailand!

Major server problems over the last few weeks, so no updates. Today I am able to update, but no floppy drives at this cyber cafe and it looks like my pages aren't being served properly so no one will be able to read this anyway.

For a brief explaination for now, the United States Peace Corps Bangladesh program has officially been suspended as of 2001.10.18. All PCVs are currently going through a close of service protocal and we will all be dismissed from service on Friday, the 26th.

There are a wide range of emotions that everyone is going through right now. We are all back in Bangkok and we are feeling some strange forces on our souls. Some people are giving up completely on Peace Corps and will not even seek a reassignment or come back if the program reopens. Some are going back on their own on Friday. Others, like me, are going to wait a bit and see what happens.

I'm considering three options at the moment, which are subject to change: 1) stay in Thailand for a while either touring or getting a job, 2) go to Nepal and take the vacation I was planning on taking at this time anyway, only make it longer, or 3) fint a way to get involved with the Afgan refugee relief effort.

That's all for now. Hopefully my service provider will get things back on line soon. Hope all is well out there!

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