I'm now done with my practice teaching. My last class was the biggest challenge - teaching English to 160 students all at the same time. It actually went pretty well. We did group work and most people were involved and knew what was going on and what was expected of them. I also taught a children's class of about 60 the same day and it went over pretty well, although they got a bit restless at the end.

The temperature and humidity are killing me here. It's about 80% humidity according to the paper and around 34 degrees C. I am in a constant state of sweat. There must be an adjective for that, but I have yet to learn it. Desert boy is not doing well in this weather. I have a cough that I can't shake over the last week, in addition to a rash that I've developed on my back which I believe is bed bug bites from sleeping on the mats in the TV room. Fun fun fun everywhere I look.

I will be heading back to Dhaka tomorrow, and then on to Mymensingh the next day. We are headed back a day early because the opposition party has called a three-day nation-wide hartal to begin April 1. Hartals are general strikes. They are trying to force early elections. Things can get rather violent in large towns and there's no way to travel since everyone is on strike, so they want us back with our host families to lay low for a while.

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